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 Selected clips


“The Afterlife of Fanny Kemble’s Journal
Lapham’s Quarterly, July 2019

“Into the Dismal Swamp”
Popula, September 2018

“Ticks Are an Emblem of the Anthropocene”
The Outline, September 2018

"Bread and Roses, and Determination, on a Dark January Weekend"
Epicurious, January 2017

"Transform Your Vegetable Garden With This One Simple Quack"
Epicurious, September 2016

"Country Enough: From Conway and George to Maddie & Tae"
Los Angeles Review of Books, March 2015

"Bear Stories"
The Awl, December 2015

"Beauty and Ruin in Pigeon Forge"
The Awl, July 2015


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