Before I was a writer I was a baker. (More on that here.)

In 2011 I began working at the Chicago Reader, first as an editorial assistant, then staff writer, and finally as deputy editor, coordinating the culture section and overseeing the copy desk. I left the Reader in 2014 and moved with my partner to a tiny town in southwest Ohio, where I freelanced for publications including the Chicago TribuneChicago magazine, the Awl, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Epicurious, and others. In our free time we gardened and raised three ducks.

After a few years, we moved to New York, where I took a job as senior writer at Epicurious, the food and cooking website. I'm currently doing a sort of at-large thing for the site, and floating around the south and midwest (with dog in tow) looking for things to write about.

 Some clips are here.

And: I'm on e-mail! At samuel [dot] lwe [at] gmail [dot] com.

Twitter too: