Announcing Swamp Book:
A zine that, like everyone, is mostly water

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 3.33.35 PM.png

The first and probably only issue—May 2018—includes:

  • a dispatch from a MISSOURI VILLAGE that was washed away by a 2011 Mississippi River flood, and whose residents are still trying to FIND THEIR WAY HOME;
  • a history of American efforts to DRAIN THE SWAMP, the racial implications of such, and why the expression is actually a GOOD METAPHOR for the politics of Make America Great Again;
  • a review of a new book explaining how it is that the Confederacy LOST THE WAR yet its ideas have retained such a PERNICIOUS HOLD on American history-making;
  • and (a very small amount) more!

If you’re interested and would like to send me $5 or, really, any lesser amount on PayPal, and put your name and address in the Note field, I would be happy to send you a little zine — just go to I don’t think I’m going to put any of this online because to hell with the internet.

 A.R. Waud,  Cyprus swamp on the Opelousas Railroad, Louisiana

A.R. Waud, Cyprus swamp on the Opelousas Railroad, Louisiana